Xecuter 3 Pictures

The X3 modchip is one of a few other more advanced chips. An installation in a Crystal 1.4 is avaiable here.

Package Details

The chip and the accosseries comes in a compact plastic box. This is what's inside the plastic box.
Front panel insertion-board. Pin-head with two pins removed to prevent wrong positioning. Double-sided foam sticker for the wire install.
Wire harness. External board wires, alternate 5v wire, frontpanel wires, wire instal adaptor and D0/LAN/HDD wires. The external board and the chip itself is protected inside a foam bag.

External Board and The Chip

The frontpanel board is the same height as the chip. On the backside of the external board is a foam sticker. This is the 'shit' where everything comes together.
A nice X3 logo on the backside of the chip.



Xecuter 3 Pin-head installation [teamxecuter.com]