TSOP Flashing

Write enabling TSOP

This section is only for those who know what they are doing and know what may happen if the TSOP flash fails (Heavy 29-wire mod required to rescue, since Evox TSOP D6 bios requires a reworking bios. Or on 1.0 or 1.1 you might get lucky with switches.). I will show how to brigde the two points (top and bottom for v1.0-1.1 and two on top for v1.2-1.5) needed to enable write access for the onboard flash chip.

Xbox v1.0 - 1.1

v1.0: A bit out of focus but the top point is nex to R7D3. v1.0: Another view of the top point. v1.0: This shows the bottom point. It's next to the marking R7R3.
v1.0: Another view of the bottom point.

Xbox v1.2 - 1.5

v1.4: Here is the first point on top, next to R7D10. The point is pretty dirty, would be better if cleaned with some alcohol. v1.4: Second point on top, next to R7D2. v1.4: Over view of the LPC and bridge points.
v1.4: Just a picture of the new Focus chip on v1.4-1.5

Flashing the TSOP

To flash the TSOP without installing a cheapmod is tricky because you need to use one of the exploits available. I prefer to use the MechAssualt savegame exploit (007: Agent Under Fire should work as well). You need to get the Mechassault_save_With_Evox and xlinux or xhdm package, and a retail version of Mech Assualt (the original disc). What the savegame exploit does it that it patches/replaces the public keys in memory thus allowing for self-signed xbe files, i.e Evox, since we know the private key and can sign the XBE. The MechAssualt savegame exploit is using the habibi public key.You need to create some regular savegame directories and files before you can do anything. Just start a regular Mech Assualt campagn and exit.

Now for the part to get the hacked savegame into the Xbox.

Insert the Mech Assault retail disc and wait for it to boot. Select Campaign and you'll see a Run Linux menu option, select it and Evox should start.

If you get a Flash not writeable message there's either a problem with the bridging points, check them with a multimeter, or resolder them. Or you miss the flash rom type in the evox.ini/raincoat.conf file. Since you can FTP to your Xbox you can easily edit the files.

Note: There's a Sharp rom that requires an extra wire that's needed to be soldered before you can flash. Picture here.


Flashing v1.2-1.3