Changing the hard drive

Creating a format disc

To be able to install a new hard drive you need to have evox installed.

First thing to do is to create a backup of the Xbox system information. In the evox dashboard go to "System Utils" and select "Backup". A smiley will appear showing the backup is complete. This gathers the disk info needed to format the drive later.

On your PC go to the directory where the evox files are located and edit the evox.ini file. At the bottom of the file you'll see the [Menu] section, erease everything below this point and copy/paste the menu system below:

This is the menu system you need to format the new drive you are about to install. But you need to create a format boot-up disc first. This disc is pretty much the same as the installation disc you created earlier. FTP over the backup-directory from the Xbox before you can continue (it's located in the "C" drive). Here is all the files you need:

Use xISO to create a Xbox compatible iso you can burn with Nero. Now is a good time to create a complete backup of the xbox's C, E and if you use one, F drive. This is important since these are the files you are going to FTP back to the new drive.

Installing the drive

Now dissemble the Xbox again, now you only need to take the top shelf off and remove the screw between the DVD-ROM and harddrive. Remove the power cables attached to the plastic tray. On each side of the plastic tray there are two torx screws. Now place the original Hard Drive somewhere safe incase you need it later.

Remove the screw in the middle of this picture. Disconnect the IDE and power cable. Unlock the power cable from the plastic tray.

When installing the new disk you don't have to do anything special other then setting the jumpers to cable-select (instructions are usually printed on top of the drive). Now reassemble the Xbox and you're ready to boot-up using the format disc.

Format the drive

When you're in the evox menus, select "Install New Drive" and answer yes when you are confronted to format the drive. Ususally only takes 10 seconds to format the drive. If everthing went well you should now FTP back into the Xbox with the info listed in the "System Utils" menu. Upload the backup files you stored earlier.

Reboot and the Evox dashboard should appear.

Locking the drive

But if you need to turn off the mod-chip to play games from originaldisc you will notice a error message stating that you need to take your Xbox to a service center. This is because the drive is unlocked, you need to lock it. ConfigMagic is a brilliant application to lock and unlock a drive. Just FTP it over, execute it, press "Start" to show the menu and select "Lock Drive". Only takes about 2 seconds. Exit and reboot with the mod-chip off and everthing will work as the mod-chip didn't exist.

Since you have changed the harddrive thus the harddrive locking key you should create a new backup using Evox or ConfigMagic and copy the new backup directory the your computer.