Dissambling the Xbox

Turn your xbox upside-down and bend the rubber sticks half way up, don't take them completely off, just as much you need to get to the torx screws. Use a torx screwdriver to remove the four screws on each corner of the Xbox. You can use a razor-blade to cut over the two labels. Under these two labels you'll feel that there are two screws, locate the screws and cut the labels as much as you need to get the screws up. I don't like to remove the entire label cause on one of the labels you'll have the manufacture date and serial.
Back of the Xbox First lable Second lable

When you got the top shelf off, you'll have 3 more torx screws to remove. First you should remove the screw in the center of the Xbox where the DVD-ROM and the Hard Drive is locked together. And then you'll remove the two screws holding the DVD-ROM in place. These are on the front side, one on each side of the tray.

Overview with Hard Drive
and DVD-ROM in place.

Now you'll remove the power and data cables from the drives. First remove the power for the Hard Drive by pulling backwards, do the same with the data cable. Remove the data and yellow power cable from the DVD-ROM.

IDE and Power cable to the hard drive IDE and Power cable (yellow) to the DVD-ROM

Now you're ready to lift up the Hard Drive tray, but you'll notice that the power cable is locked to the plastic tray, if you look closer you can remove the cables. Do the same for the DVD-ROM, but now you don't have to remove any cables, just lift it up.

Power cable locked to the plastic tray

If everyting went well you'll see the Xbox motherboard and the power supply. But you're not finished yet, if you want to install the Chameleon with the PIN-head method you got to remove another XX screws, two USB cables, one front panel cable, one fan power cable, one main power cable, and you're ready to lift the motherboard out of the chassis. No need to remove the fan.

Main power, front panel and usb cables Another view of the usb cables Fan, power cable to the left if the fan Overview with hard drive and DVD-ROM removed