Installing a new dashboard

To install a new dashboard need FTP access to your xbox. This can be achieved using a Evolution-X boot-up disc.

To create a evox disc you will need a EvoX release and a CD-RW/DVD-/+RW disc. Create a directory with the following files:

The Xbox only recognizes xISO and UDF discs. In xISO select "Make a xISO" from the Tools menu. Select the directory where the EvoX files are located and select another location to save the iso file. Burn this iso using Nero. Select "Burn Image" from the File menu, check "Finalize CD" and press "Burn".

Start the Xbox using the power button and insert the disc into the DVD-ROM tray. You'll now see a EvoX dashboard instead of the default MS dashboard. You can navigate around to get familiar with the dashboard. Go to the "System Utils" menu you'll see a "Settings" menu, this is where you want to go if you got a DHCP server and you have'nt edited the evox.ini file. You'll find the IP address and username/password you need to FTP. Write or memorize this info.

Now go to a computer with network capabilities and a FTP client, for Windows I prefer FlashFXP and for Mac OS X, Transmit.

Use the IP address and password you wrote down and connect using the username "xbox".

When you're connected, first thing you should do is to create a FULL backup of the C: and E: partitions and put it somewhere safe.

Go to the local EvoX directory on your PC, and rename default.xbe to evoxdash.xbe. Now change directory to "C" on the Xbox and upload all the files from you PC to the Xbox. This requires a BIOS that boots evoxdash.xbe from the C: partition.

Remove the boot-up disc from the Xbox DVD-ROM and reboot.

You have now installed the EvoX dashboard on your Xbox. Edit the evox.ini to suite your needs/preferences.